Physical fitness and wellness and lifestyle meaning and importance

Meaning of Physical Fitness:

Physical fitness is an ability to perform a specific physical task at a high level of effort by an individual. Not only physical aspect covered under this but also other aspect on which of the physical fitness varies. Fitness means a solid foundation of basis of  good health. Sickness means freedom from diseases, having enough strength, endurance and skills to meet the demands of daily living. Physical fitness means having sufficient strength to control ordinary stress without strain and mental and emotional adjustment according to the nature of the individual.

Physical fitness meaning and importance, wellness meaning and importance, lifestyle meaning and importance, health and fitness

Physical fitness is a sum of qualities that enables a person to perform well in vigorous physical activity.  It refers to the maximal functional capacity of all the systems of the body in vigorous physical activities. The more involvement of muscles help in shaping a body, it helps in improving our health and build up energy and stamina level in our body. Physical fitness is the capacity to meet the present and potential physical challenges of life with success. The capacity to do work without getting fatigued is physical fitness.


Wellness does not means to take a decision for prevention of  the diseases but also to  attain  high level of health. Wellness takes physical, emotional, social to economic and even spiritual aspect of the life into cater.  In wellness all these factors taken into account by health practitioners. It includes nutrition, physical activity, family relationship, living and working condition, Medical Care. Physical, psychological, emotional, social factors, Environmental factors influences an individual state of health.

Physical fitness meaning and importance, wellness meaning and importance, lifestyle meaning and importance, health and fitness

Importance of Physical Fitness and Wellness:

1. Improves the quality of life : Physical fitness and wellness plays an important role in improving the quality of ones life. Physical fitness person manage the routine work without getting fatigued. The fit person not only physical well-being but has the qualities like good human relations, maturity and high ethical standards.

2. Prevention of Diseases: Being fit means preventing of many diseases. A fit person is less prone to coronary heart diseases and drug addiction.

3. Growth and Development: Physical fitness and wellness helps to grow and develop. It helps in growth of muscular system. It promotes muscles strength. The efficiency of   diverse organs can improve by physical training.


The way of living of an individual is known as lifestyle. Physical, psychological, social and economic environment comes under lifestyle. Individuals attitude and habit regarding his living pattern is refer to Lifestyle. Lifestyle can be healthy or unhealthy  based on many factors like food Choice, activity level and behavior.

Physical fitness meaning and importance, wellness meaning and importance, lifestyle meaning and importance, health and fitness

There are two type of Lifestyle. First, Positive lifestyle brings happiness and quality of life. The negative lifestyle can lead to sadness , illness and depression. Lifestyle is consider to be the best way to prevent illness.

Importance of Lifestyle:
  1. A healthy lifestyle can improve physical fitness of an individual. By regular exercise can get physical fit. Healthy lifestyle helps to keep body fit and free from diseases.
  2. A healthy lifestyle is important to get rid of diseases and illness. Problems like hypertension, diabetes problems can be prevent through healthy lifestyle.
  3. Having a good mental health is also an important aspect of life.  stress is a biggest problem to many people and related to Lifestyle. Behavioral problems can occur due to stress.  Mental health of an individual can be improve by healthy lifestyle.
  4. Healthy lifestyle promotes habit of avoiding  bad habits. It helps to avoid smoking, drinking alcohol and eating junk food. This also saves money and makes our lifestyle better.
  5. Having not a good lifestyle can lead to anxiety and then to depression. It can also lead to problems like loss of appetite, restlessness.  The active and healthy lifestyle always keep a person  stable emotionally and help in reducing emotional stress.

At last live your life good lifestyle, being physical fitness and wellness.



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