meaning of yoga, importance of yoga, benefits of yoga, health

Yoga Exercises – benefit and importance of yoga on life and health


Yoga exercise has been derived from the word ‘Yug’ from sanskrit which means joining individual soul with the soul of divine. It is way of linking body, breath,  mind, intelligence, wisdom and spirit.  Yoga exercise helps in creating harmony and balance in body. It creates symmetry in the body,  making one flexible and strong and balanced. It also teaches us to balance the mental urge to control,  push, our body balance. It helps in attainment the balance attitudinal equilibrium.

meaning of yoga, importance of yoga, benefits of yoga, health

Yoga exercise is not a simple excerise but it gives relief to physical and mental health. Pranayama is considered as the breathing because the body gets energy through respiratory system. It also direct relates the body with prana. It refers to extension of breath and control of prana. The human being breath through fresh air in 3 ways:

  1. Normal breathing
  2. Deep breathing
  3. Yogic breathing


meaning of yoga, importance of yoga, benefits of yoga, health

  • The regular practice of yogic exercise can prevent many diseases like cold,  constipation, asthma, acidity, cough. It helps to cure physical ailments.
  • There are many yogic asanas which can prevent and cure postural deformity. The deformity of spine can be cured by regular exercise and practices of asanas.
  • Yogic exercise  has many effects on the main system of the body. It helps in the better functioning of kidneys because of yogic exercise which helps in the healthy functions of kidney.
  • Yogic exercise also helps in cleaning of various internal organs of the body. It helps in cleaning digestive tract.
  • By doing yogic exercise, will power and confidence can be boost up. Through meditation, mind can be trained to concentrate in our direction.
  • The yogic exercise develop the muscular strength. The muscles are given minimal contractions and isometric training which leads to development muscles.
  • The regular yogic activities leads to development of flexibility of joint. It makes our ligaments strong. Cervical,  and lumbar region pain can be cured.
  • Yoga exercise  has significant effects on nervous system. Medication can remove hypertension, stress and anxiety.
  • Yogic asanas can cure the heart problems. It develops the heart and thus stroke volume is increased.

These are the benefits and importance of yoga exercise.


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